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We Think Differently

Would you rather advertise in the newspaper or advertise online?

Lets say you had $2,000 to spend on your advertising, and you were ready to put an Ad in the newspaper.  STOP!  You're literally, wasting money.  Think about it... a regional newspaper might have a million readers, but it is NOT targeted advertising.  Your ad will get lost in the hundreds of pages that a newspaper has and your customer will never see it.  Conversely, if you were to spend $2,000 online, your Ad will appear in front of customers that are ACTIVELY LOOKING for your product.  The return on investment online is at a minimum, 10 to 20 times better.

Our Service will BOOST revenue!

Boost 99 delivers TARGETED ADVERTISING to your potential customers.  Targeted advertising means that we'll target customers online that are actually looking for your service in REAL TIME.  Once they convert, we automatically DIRECT their call to you.

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New marketing opportunities

The Internet and Social Media have opened the gates for brands to have an open and constant dialog with the consumer like never before. These platforms have also unleashed a world full of marketing opportunities for our clients. Our ONYX Advertising Technology Platform allows our clients to target a customer who is ACTIVELY looking for their product or service in REAL TIME ONLINE. Once we capture a customer's attention online, our platform converts their online search into a phone call directed to our clients. The best part about our service when compared to other services is that our client's receive calls directly, IN REAL TIME, not hours after they have submitted their request. This factor alone allows our clients to speak to the customer FIRST, and we all know that if you talk to a customer first, your chances of closing them is far greater. If you're looking for ways to maximize your marketing dollars, and target an ACTIVE audience, our platform is the perfect fit.

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To make friends, you have to tell a good story

Successful marketing strategies have the ability to elicit strong emotions. Laughter, empathy, joy, curiosity, excitement. These emotions result in deeper engagement with your audience. Our custom platform creates content that drives campaigns to have better conversions and we turn active searchers into converted, paying customers.

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Measuring success

We actively monitor, analyze, and collaborate with digital marketing providers in order to deliver the most effective content, campaigns, and strategies. We utilize a proprietary combination of analytics software to provide real-time support to our client's campaigns in order to direct more phone calls to them.

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Guaranteed Results

Our marketing platform will deliver results, we guarantee it. We also offer a 7 Day FREE Trial to all of our new customers. Try out our platform and see it can fit in to your overall marketing strategy at no risk or obligation to you.