BOOST 99 A Better Way To Advertise

Boost 99 is one of the most popular marketing products for small businesses. Give us a call today to try our Call Accelerator.
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From Click to Call

Boost 99 converts internet searches into customer PHONE CALLS. Sign up for our monthly subscription and in a few days your phones will begin ringing.

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Online Targeting

Our product targets customers through search engine ads, display ads, on mobile apps, and via banner ads on the internet. All, in an effort to funnel your organization more phone calls.

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Monthly Subscription

All of our contracts are month to month. Your monthly subscription may be cancelled at any time. Enjoy our service with the freedom and flexibility you deserve! Need to temporarily FREEZE your billing? Not a problem, just give us a call and we'll freeze your account until you're ready to begin again.

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Exclusive Calls

Unlike many other providers, we provide EXCLUSIVE phone calls directed to your business. Other providers will sell the same calls and same leads to as many as three or four other companies.

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Phone Call Tracking Dashboard

With our best in class dashboard, you'll have 24/7 access so that you can track each phone call that you receive. Simply login with your Customer ID # and Password to view all of your incoming phone calls.

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More Than Just a Marketing Product

We hope to gain your trust and offer you more than just a marketing product. We are looking to build long term, meaningful relationships with all of our clients.


We are available 24/7 to answer your call



You'll need: BOOST LOCAL. Boost Local registers your business on Google Maps and optimizes your business maps listing online. Your business website will also be submitted to the top search engine directories and your website will be professionally optimized to rank on the first page of search results for the products and services that you offer.
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Set-up Fees

Boost Local: $149.00
Boost Call Accelerator: $299.00 

Set-up fees cannot be waived.

Data Input

Our team will upload your organization's info and register a custom call tracking phone number for you.

Define Radius & Budget

Our team will then determine a marketing reach radius, define your customer segment, and set a daily budget.

Track Performance

Next, we will track your campaign's performance on a daily basis. Any questions that you have about your campaign will be handled by a dedicated account manager.

Adjust As Needed

Your account manager will monitor performance and adjust as needed. Each account manager is responsible for monitoring: phone calls, inquiries, conversions, and submission forms.

Purchase Boost 99 today for YOUR BUSINESS and watch the PHONE CALLS  pour in like never before!