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The Boost 99 Bundle
We generate immediate exclusive customer calls to small businesses.
When you purchase Boost 99, you receive the following:

  • Domain Name
  • Website
  • Phone Call Tracking #
  • Custom Phone Call Tracking Dashboard

Learn more by watching the video below:



The following video provides an overview of the Boost 99 product and is 7 minutes, 28 seconds.


We do NOT need access to your Website

Boost 99 does not need access to your current website.  We will register a NEW domain name, we will host a new website, and link the new website to our advertising partners online. 

Boost 99 Web Presence

Boost 99 will register a new domain name and launch
a new website on your behalf.  This website will include: your company logo,
a custom tracking phone number, call to actions, contact forms, etc.  


Online Advertising 

Boost 99 will create enticing and creative ads online to attract the attention of customers searching the internet for your product/service.  Once the customer views the Boost 99 Ad Online, and calls the call tracking phone number, the phone call will be automatically forwarded to your company in REAL TIME.  You will receive the phone call directly.  

Call Tracking Dashboard

Boost 99's custom call-tracking dashboard will allow you to track each call that is generated. Our customers will receive a custom Login ID and Password to track each phone call. Our Custom Call Tracking Dashboard is truly what sets us apart from our competition. Most competitors will use a Google-based APi that misses a large portion of each call received.